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With the ever evolving technologies and growing business needs, getting IT hardware and other IT assets and peripherals on rent, instead of buying, becomes an excellent finance option to run a hassle-free business. Renting helps you to save your capital, gain tax benefits and beat technological obsolescence. 

At PCIS, we offer ON RENT a wide range of IT assets; like Servers, Networking Equipment, Workstations, Storage Devices, Back-up devices, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Audio Visual Equipment, LED TV, Projector, slide changer, Photo Copier, and other accessories upgraded with the most flexible and latest configurations as per your specifications and requirements at reasonable rental rates anywhere in India. We have our presence marked in major cities - Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Pune, New Delhi, Bhubaneswar and Patna where we have set up full-fledged offices to serve our customers located not only in those cities but also in a wide area surrounding those cities, effectively covering the whole of the country.


We have earned enviable reputation over the last 18 years in the field of renting out IT Hardware solutions due to our swift and timely deliveries of products configured as desired, backed by prompt service support to ensure minimum downtime. With years of experience in hand, we are proud to state that hundreds of our clients when contemplating their IT infrastructure, follow the dictum ‘Call PCIS'!

Operating Lease

This is an equipment lease in which we offer lower leasing rates on new equipments, here the customer enjoys the benefit of upgrading the equipment after the tenure, while keeping the lease charges almost the same. This suits customers who do not which to own the equipment at the end of the tenure. At the end of the lease the customer can either opt to return the equipment or further extend the same on mutually agreed revised rates & terms or Upgrade the equipment with a newer/ latest specifications. Hence this program helps make away with cyclic budgets on capital expenditure for IT-Infrastructure, thus making up-gradation process completely simple & cash less.

Standard Lease

This is an equipment Lease which suits customers who do not wish to upgrade their technology and use the same for more than 3.5 to 4 years, under this program Pc Island Service offers an option to buy the same equipment at the end of the tenure at a nominal residual value. New Equipments are supplied under this lease programs.

Buyback & Lease

Pc Island Service offers a unique program, under which we would buyback your existing IT-infrastructure at an agreed prevailing market value and Lease it back to the same customer, this has double benefits to the customer wherein he gets a cash infusion and gets to use the same infrastructure to carry on his/her business.

Rental Programs

Are offered for requirements which are less than 12 months, customers who wish to try a particular equipment or for a trade show or a business conference or Training Program or short term turnkey projects can look at this program, Pc Island Service offers best rates with logistics & support, the equipments can be delivered to any place and installed as per the customers per-requisites.

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